Leylifer Series at MIPCANCUN after MIPCOM

 Leylifer Series at MIPCANCUN after MIPCOM

Leylifer series, the first co-production of Turkey – Colombia, took its place at the international media festival MIPCANCUN. Leylifer series, produced by Âlim Yapım, had its European premiere at MIPCOM last October.

The Leylifer series, the first content of the co-production agreement signed between Inter Medya, the experienced distribution company, and Caracol Television, produced by Âlim Yapım, held its special screening yesterday at MIPCANCUN.


Barış Kışlak, the new CEO of Alim Production, said:

“I believe that we have been successful with the Leylifer series model because we are a production company that aims to touch many people and get closer to different cultures. The success of Leylifer has given us the opportunity to establish new international business partnerships. In the continuation of this convergence, which is a beautiful bridge between cultures, we will continue to contribute to the Turkish TV series industry in terms of economy and tourism.”

Metin Balekoğlu and Dilek Korkmaz are in the director’s chair of the series, which portrays the tragedy of a Colombian woman married to a Turkish man in Istanbul.


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