‘Turkish Detective’ starts this month on Turkcell TV+

 ‘Turkish Detective’ starts this month on Turkcell TV+

The Turkish Detective series starring Haluk Bilginer will start this month, announced officially by Turkcell TV+.

The Turkish Detective, which was officially announced last year with the signature of Paramount+ platform, will be screened in Turkey via Turkcell TV+. Turkcell TV+ announced on its x account that the series will meet with the audience in November.

Paramount+ approved The Turkish Detective series starring Haluk Bilginer last year and started filming.

The first season of the series, based on Barbara Nadel’s detective novels, consists of 8 episodes.

Nadel describes Çetin İkmen, a detective investigating murders set in Istanbul, as “a grumpy, middle-aged, loving husband and father”

A frequent visitor to Turkey, Nadel has written 24 books in the Çetin İkmen detective series, the first of which was published in 1999 under the title Belshazzar’s Daughter.

Inspector Çetin İkmen is portrayed by Emmy award winner Haluk Bilginer. His partner, Mehmet Süleyman, is portrayed by Ethan Kai and Detective Ayşe Farsakoğlu is portrayed by Yasemin Kay Allen.

The Turkish Detective series started shooting in Istanbul with the cooperation of Miramax, Ay Yapım and Paramount. Niels Arden Oplev sat in the director’s chair of the ongoing series, while Ben Schiffer wrote the script.

Nicole Clemens, Paramount+’s head of original content, previously said of the series:  “A universally compelling crime thriller set in one of the world’s most stunning, culturally rich cities.”


US-based digital broadcasting platform Paramount+ has reportedly filed a trademark application in Turkey. According to the report of Aytaç Kara from Ranini TV, the application numbered 2023/134398 on the website of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office is dated 11 October 2023.

In the Goods and Service Information section of the application, the following statements were included: “Broadcasting of television programmes; cable television broadcasting services; electronic transmission and distribution and broadcasting of audio, video and multimedia entertainment content, i.e. text, data, images, audio, video and audiovisual files via the internet, wireless communications, electronic communications networks and computer networks; electronic transmission and streaming of digital media content for others via global and local computer networks; electronic transmission of audio, data and images via television and video broadcasting”.


In the Explanation section of the application, the following was stated: “Your application is at the data entry stage. After the entry of goods and services, coding and search, it will be examined for compliance with Article 7 of the Decree Law / Article 5 of Law No. 6769 and it will be decided whether it will be rejected or not. If no formal deficiency is detected and not rejected, your application will be announced in the Official Trademark Bulletin approximately 6 months later.”

It is a matter of curiosity whether Paramount+, which has applied for a trademark, will start service in Turkey soon. HBO Max, one of the leading platforms in the US, had also made its application in 2019, but the company, which is restructuring globally, had suspended its growth plans in some countries, including Turkey.

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