About Us

The very first issue of EPISODE magazine was published in December 2016 in double cover printed edition. The two frontispieces of the issue featured Turkish and global shows. Published bimonthly, EPISODE also stood out in the field of digital publishing during the pandemic period. Since the beginning of the pandemic, episodedergi.com has been with readers/viewers every day with rich content about local and international TV series and films. 7 years on, EPISODE magazine and episodedergi.com, updated every day with news, exclusive interviews and content, has opened a space not only for actors but also for all the constituents of the Turkish TV and film industry. Its content highlighted many titles on the TV and film industry with exclusive interviews, special reports, academic reviews, critiques, analyses, and editorials. Building upon this, the magazine also established direct dialogue with the producers of global sensations of big and the small screen alike.


In this new era, EPISODE will provide an international platform for the voice of Turkish productions which already gained popularity and a prestigious place in global content industry. Such a magazine, which will dedicate a significant platform for Turkish TV shows, films and formats, will surely attract significant interest by representatives of all countries that import Turkish content. Whether a broadcaster or importer of the Turkish productions, people from all segments of the industry who has an interest in the developments about the Turkish productions, will access everything about them in a single magazine.


EPISODE, will also provide an important platform bringing together Turkish producers and international professionals and organisations that seek potential collaborations with Turkish producers and/ or to sell their contents to Turkish market.