After A Little Sunshine, Street Birds and Stolen Life will also meet Argentinian Audiences

 After A Little Sunshine, Street Birds and Stolen Life will also meet Argentinian Audiences

While the series A Little Sunshine, which airs on TC Televisión (Ecuador) under the title Giros Del Destino, is being watched with great interest, it has been announced that Street Birds and Stolen Life will soon be aired on the same channel.

According to the announcement made by ATV Distribution, Street Birds and Stolen Life will also be aired soon in Ecuador TC Televisión. As a result of the popularity of the series among Ecuadorian viewers, it is thought that other Turkish series may be brought to the agenda by the channel.


In retrospect Hakan and Elif are husband and wife to be happily married. The only missing thing in their life is a child. While they were trying several medical treatments to be failed, Elif suggests they adopt a kid. However, Hakan would not wrap his mind around the idea. Hakan is an assertive businessman who travels a lot. One day, he gets involved in a car accident and is found dead with a little girl beside him.


An Istanbul Ghetto, full of slum houses, muddy roads and a poor neighbourhood… Asiye’s only desire is to be released from this dead-end ghetto… Asiye stabs his boyfriend who leaves her because she is pregnant. Asiye and her sister, Mine, escapes from their home since Asiye thinks that her boyfriend is dead. The sisters hitchhike and gets into Çetin’s luxurious car who lives a very rich and irresponsible life.


Five kids are working for a dark man called “Çatal”. They find a baby in a trash bin, and because of Mercan’s motherly instincts, they decide to take care of the baby; named “Gülayşe”. Çatal, the bad guy notices the baby, thus the chaos begins by hurting him and killing a woman accidentally who was looking for the baby.

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