‘Bahar: Uyanmaya Hazır mısın?’ First Episode Attracted Great Interest

 ‘Bahar: Uyanmaya Hazır mısın?’ First Episode Attracted Great Interest

Bahar: Uyanmaya Hazır mısın?’s first episode achieved a 4.99 rating and 13.97 share in the AB group, a 4.93 rating and 11.99 share in ABC1 20+, and a 3.75 rating and 9.23 share in Total.

The series, which was on the TT list for about 6 hours with the hashtag #Bahar, left its mark on Tuesday evening.

After a long break, Demet Evgar, who returned to the screens with the series, took place in the TT list for 10 hours and 40 minutes with her successful performance. While messages of support for Bahar were pouring into the introduction released from the second episode of the series, the performances of the actors also received rave reviews.


In the new episode trailer of the series, it is watched that Bahar, who started her new life after the difficult surgery she underwent, leaves her old daily habits and starts to live for herself.

While Bahar’s words “My dear husband Timur and my mother, I will never forget what you have done!” give the signals that the dose of excitement will increase in the following episodes of the series; Evren (Buğra Gülsoy), who supports Bahar in her rebirth story, said “I think you will be a very good doctor…” and made the viewers curious about Bahar’s journey.

Click Here for the Trailer of Second Episode


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