BluTV’s Original Production ‘İlk Göktürk: Önsöz’ is on Set

 BluTV’s Original Production ‘İlk Göktürk: Önsöz’ is on Set

Türkiye’s leading local online video platform BluTV is preparing to bring the İlk Göktürk: Önsöz project to its users. The shooting of İlk Göktürk: Önsöz, which is the prologue of the İlk Göktürk movie, which Alper Çağlar fans are eagerly awaiting, has started.

The project, written and directed by Alper Çağlar and worked on for a long time, consists of many different stages. İlk Göktürk: Önsöz, which takes place in the universe of the cinema film and will be presented to the audience in three parts as BluTV Original Production, will continue on the big screen as a 3.5-hour movie after its story in the cinematic story universe.


The project, starring Cengiz Coşkun, Arif Diren and Murat Serezli, with names such as Esra Kılıç, Mert Öcal, Gaziza Tanşolpan and Sungho Choi, focuses on the struggle for independence and the establishment of the Gokturk Empire, the state where the Turkish name was mentioned for the first time in history.

This production will be on BluTV before the cinema film.


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