Can Yaman to Star in the Remake of ‘Sandokan’

 Can Yaman to Star in the Remake of ‘Sandokan’

Turkish actor Can Yaman is going to star in remake of Sandokan.

Sandokan is a character created by Emilio Salgari, an avant-garde adventure and science fiction writer from Italy. The adventures of Sandokan, a pirate living in the 19th century, were first published in 1883. Sandokan has a series of novels, a film from the 1960s, and a cult TV series from the 1970s.

Italy’s state channel RAI1 has begun work on the remake of Sandokan. Turkish actor Can Yaman, who is quite famous in Italy, will also star in the remake.

The Cast of Sandokan: Can Yaman Joins Ed Westwick, John Hannah, and More

The cast of the series includes Yaman, as well as Ed Westwick, John Hannah, Alanah Bloor, Madeleine Price, Gilberto Gliozzi, Mark Grosy, and Samuele Segreto.

can yaman
Can Yaman

The story of the series is as follows: Sandokan is a pirate who fights against colonialists in Southeast Asia. With his reliable assistant Yanez de Gomera and his crew, he rules the seas as a pirate. However, everything changes when his path crosses with Marianne, the daughter of the British consul, during a raid. Pirate hunter Lord James Brooke also sets out to capture Sandokan.


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