Cancelled Shows: Early Finales in 2 TV Series

 Cancelled Shows: Early Finales in 2 TV Series

In recent weeks, some series have had to make early finales. Last week, Kanal D’s new series Betrayals said goodbye to the screens. On Saturday, Now TV’s new series The Hood also aired its last episode. Series that make ambitious debuts have to make early finales when they do not reach the expected ratings.


The Hood series, which was aired on Now TV screens, appeared before the audience for the last time on Saturday evening, 24 February. Thus, the series The Hood, starring Kaan Yıldırım, Biran Damla Yılmaz and Seray Kaya, was added to the list of series that said goodbye to the screens. The series made its final with its 5th and last episode.

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Another series that made an early final was Kanal D’s Betrayals series. When the second episode of the series, which was aired last Tuesday, did not reach the expected ratings, an early final decision came to the agenda.


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