Demet Evgar’s 8 March Surprise

 Demet Evgar’s 8 March Surprise

Demet Evgar, the lead actress of Show TV’s new series Blooming Lady, made a surprise to the viewers on 8 March International Women’s Day and appeared on the screen as the anchor of the Main News bulletin.

Evgar, who opened the bulletin as Show Main News anchor, surprised the viewers by reading an incomprehensible news text with missing words. Demet Evgar then read the entire news article and emphasised how incomprehensible and incomplete life will be when we exclude, disregard and ignore women in all areas of life, just like the missing words in the previous news article.


In this way, Evgar launched an important campaign by sharing the theme of UN Women’s 8 March International Women’s Day this year and the campaign went viral in a short time.

Demet Evgar will continue to be a guest in the homes of millions of people every Tuesday evening with the new episodes of Blooming Lady on Show TV, and will continue to be the face and voice of meaningful projects as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.

Here are the moments when Demet Evgar opened Show Main News on 8 March International Women’s Day.


In 2022, the award-winning actress Evgar, who was selected as the first Goodwill Ambassador of UN Women in Turkey after important names such as Nicole Kidman, Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway in the world, engages viewers every Tuesday with Show TV’s Blooming Lady series.


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