Eccho Rights Acquires Worldwide Rights to ‘I Am Mother’

 Eccho Rights Acquires Worldwide Rights to ‘I Am Mother’

Eccho Rights announced the acquisition of worldwide rights to the Turkish drama I Am Mother (Sandık Kokusu), a compelling TV series produced and the renowned by O3 Medya. Scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, December 6, on Turkey’s Show TV, I Am Mother narrates the touching story of a woman who carries her mother’s pain throughout her life. Tested by her child and caught between two men, she reveals the harsh realities of life.

i am mother

The series boasts a star-studded cast including Özge Özpirinçci, known for her impactful roles in Woman, First and Last, and Yakamoz S-245; Demet Akbağ, a luminary in Turkish entertainment industry with her roles in Bir Demet Tiyatro, Sevdaluk, and Scorpion; Metin Akdülger, celebrated for his performances in Magnificent Century Kosem, Persona, The Gift, The Club and Necip Memilli, acclaimed for his performances in The Pit, Dila, Magnificent Century Kosem, Lady’s Farm, Persona and Oh Belinda.


Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama at Eccho Rights, commented about the acquisition: “We are  delighted to partner with O3 Medya and thrilled to be bringing I Am Mother to the global audience. A story that transcends cultural boundaries, this series embodies the richness and emotional depth of Turkish drama. We will witness the moving journey of a woman’s unwavering fight for her son, her family, and her heart’s desires, showcasing a remarkable tale of empowerment and transformation. Its universal themes of love, pain, and family ties, making it relatable to viewers worldwide and we are confident that it will captivate viewers across the globe.”

Saner Ayar, Founder and Managing Partner of O3 Medya, also shared his thoughts: “Our latest drama I Am Mother is another prime example of our commitment to quality storytelling and we are so happy to be collaborating with Eccho Rights for its international distribution. With its compelling narrative and strong characters, I Am Mother exemplifies the storytelling excellence that Turkish drama is known for. We believe it will leave a lasting impression on viewers worldwide.”


I Am Mother tells the gripping story of Karsu, a resilient mother of three who relocates from Adana to Istanbul, and bravely starts anew in the bustling city after enduring a life-altering trauma. This drama navigates her journey of resilience and renewal, as she confronts the challenges of rebuilding her life. It portrays the complicated dynamics of family bonds, the strength of a woman’s spirit, and the journey towards liberation from a burdensome past.

I Am Mother is a story of mothers and daughters, laughter and tears, and the universal quest for self-discovery. A series where every viewer will find a piece of themselves reflected in the heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking moments of life.


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