Entertainment Industry Leaders Gathered at NAPTE Global Ahead of Content Americas

 Entertainment Industry Leaders Gathered at NAPTE Global Ahead of Content Americas

This year, key figures from the TV and film industry in Miami are participating in two consecutive events: NAPTE Global (January 16-18) and Content Americas (January 23-25). Organized by the trade publishers Brunico (Canada) and C21 (United Kingdom), respectively, these two events bring together industry luminaries.

NATPE Global takes place at Miami Intercontinental, while Content Americas is hosted at the Hilton. Both organizations have enlisted strong consultants for their events. Isabella Marquez from Miami and former LatAm journalist Fabricio Ferrara support Content Americas, whereas NATPE has formed a robust team with experienced Miami-based distributor Cesar Diaz and former MIPTV and MIPCOM executive Jose Sanchez.


Turkey is leaving its mark on these significant events with a range of prominent participants.
Among the participants of the NAPTE Global are notable names in the industry such as Kanal D International, Videomite, Global Agency, Raya Group Distribution, Inter Medya, Global Telif Haklari Yapimcilik TIC.A.S., Calinos Films, Merzigo, BLUTV, and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICC).


The day before yesterday, Global Agency’s CEO, İzzet Pinto, delivered a presentation at the Chopin room of Hilton in Miami Downtown during the NAPTE Global event.

During this engaging session, Pinto delved into the crucial intersection of marketing and distribution within the TV business. Attendees were taken on a journey exploring the potency of 360-degree communication strategies. Pinto unraveled the secrets behind the extraordinary marketing campaigns that played a pivotal role in catapulting Turkish dramas to unparalleled success on a global scale.
The event provided insights into the innovative approaches and strategies employed by Global Agency, shedding light on the dynamics that have contributed to the widespread acclaim and recognition of Turkish content in the international television market.

Pinto’s energetic and informative presentation undoubtedly added a significant highlight to the NATPE Global event, showcasing the impact and influence of Turkish television on the world stage.

Türkiye’s strong representation at these events once again demonstrates the global reach of the Turkish television industry, and companies are moving forward with a series of new deals.


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