Episode Magazine Editors Selected the Best of 2023

 Episode Magazine Editors Selected the Best of 2023

Türkiye’s first and only TV series/content magazine Episode’s editors have selected the best TV and digital series of 2023. Based on this choice for Episode International’s Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF) 2023 issue, the following series were selected as the “Best Series of 2023 in Türkiye”.

Episode Magazine editors included Özlem Özdemir, Oben Budak, Engin İnan, Yasemin Şefik, Gamze Erbil, Orçun Onat Demiröz, Yoldaş Özdemir, Yağmur Çöl.

Editors’ Choice  of TV Series 


“Family Secrets”, which aired its third season in Türkiye this year, continues to be watched with curiosity every episode by a wide audience. New crime stories and mysteries have been added this season to the passionate love of lawyer Ceylin and prosecutor Ilgaz and the intertwined stories of the families of the two characters. Sema Ergenekon, the screenwriter of the series, continues to prepare different surprises and twists for the audience in every episode.

“Family Secrets”, with its third season, remains one of the best series of 2023, just like it has been for the past two seasons.

Genre: Drama

Production Company: Ay Yapım

Right Holder: Madd Entertainment

Broadcaster: Kanal D


“One Love” has been the most watched and talked about series in Türkiye with its 1st season. Doğa, Fatih, Nursema, Umut, Alev, Abdullah, Kıvılcım, Ömer… Almost all the characters of the series became a phenomenon.

“One Love”, which centres on the irrevocable change of everyone’s lives when the children of two families with completely opposite life views fall in love with each other, continues with new conflicts and problems in its second season.

What we like most about “One Love” is that the conflicts that will make all the characters in the series question their own prejudices are well written. In addition, it tells the changes experienced by people who are diametrically opposed in terms of belief and outlook on life, sometimes with very small and sometimes very big events.

Genre: Drama

Production Company: Gold Film

Right Holder: Global Agency

Broadcaster: Show TV


“Golden Boy” took the world by storm  with its first season worldwide. The rights  of the series were sold to dozens of countries. The phenomenon of Seyran and Ferit reached from Türkiye to Chile. Seyran and Ferit’s love, the obstacles they  face, and the stories of their families cap tivate the audience. 

“Golden Boy” continues its success with  its second season. Moreover, there are  important, new characters included in  the series in the new season.  

Genre: Drama  

Production Company: OGM 

Rights Holder: Eccho Rights  

Broadcaster: Star TV 


“Deception” is a work that explores deeply the concepts of lies, betrayal and separation through a family and its members.

The story of prosecutor Güzide, her lawyer husband and their two children has expanded continuously since the first episode, with new characters joining the family. The story became more layered. Having garnered a loyal audience with its first season, “Deception” does not lose

its strength in season two despite its competitors.

It continues on its way in the second season with its successful actors and story.

Genre: Drama

Production Company: Tims&B

Rights Holder: Inter Medya

Broadcaster: ATV


“The Family” was a series that Turkish viewers were eagerly waiting for. Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Serenay Sarıkaya came together for the first time in a series.

“The Family” is a story that starts with Aslan, who comes from a family involved in deep but illegal activities, and psychologist Derin meeting and falling in love. But of course, the story does not stop here.

Derin’s clash with Aslan’s family, Aslan’s family showdowns, guns, conflicts… A love series with plenty of action. “The Family”, renowned for its humorous dialogues, is one of the best series of 2023.

Genre: Drama

Production Company: Ay Yapım

Rights Holder: Madd Entertainment

Broadcaster: Show TV

Editors’ Choice  of Digital Series 

In Türkiye, Netflix, Disney+ and local  platforms BluTV and GAİN produced  many series in 2023. Episode editors  selected the best digital series of 2023: 


“Magarsus” tells the story of the Kurak family, who trade citrus fruits on the Mediterranean coast of Türkiye.

The members of the Kurak family take many illegal paths as they struggle both internally and against external forces seeking to dominate the region. Consisting of eight episodes, “Magarsus” is the best digital series of 2023 in our opinion with its way of character portrayal, its exciting episode finales and its very successful cast.

The main cast consisting of Merve Dizdar, Çağlar Ertuğrul, Berkay Ateş won the “Stellar Cast” Award in the “Special Mention” category of the 7th Berlin TV Series Festival.

Genre: Drama

Producer: Yamaç Okur & Serkan Çakarel

Broadcaster: BluTV


“Persona” brought Haluk Bilginer the Best Performance by an Actor award at the 47th International Emmy Awards with its first season.

“Persona”, which tells the story of Agah Beyoğlu, a former Istanbulite diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, who commits murder to ensure justice before forgetting everything, returned with its second season. In season two, Agah Beyoğlu is in a personal conflict this time. With its second season aired in November 2023, “Persona” stood out as one of the top series of the year.

Genre: Crime

Production Company: Ay Yapım

Broadcaster: GAİN


Actor and writer Giray Altinok tells the story of a fictional, small kingdom in the mediaeval period: Bongomia.

In the kingdom of Bongomia, after the death of the king, the Prince, whom his family does not even give a name and whom no one takes seriously, somehow takes the throne and becomes king. We loved the strange story of the Prince who drags his country into war with his incompetent behaviour, wrong decisions and confusion. “The Prince” team, which is also very popular with the viewers in Türkiye, is currently shooting the second season.

Genre: Comedy

Production Company: MGX Film

Broadcaster: BluTV


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