Episode Releases a Special Issue for MIPTV

 Episode Releases a Special Issue for MIPTV

MIPTV, one of the most significant TV markets, came together for the 61st and last time this year in Cannes.

Our magazine, Episode, was present at the fair with its MIPTV 2024 issue. The cover of our magazine was the phenomenal series, One Love.

One Love is at MIPTV event

Episode Editors Attended MIPTV Conferences

On the first day of MIPTV (April 8th), our editors had a packed schedule, engaging with industry professionals, conducting meetings, and participating in special sessions and conferences.

Initially, we attended the ‘Navigating Japan: Insights, Co-Productions, and New Formats from TBS’ session, where we gained invaluable insights into Japanese formats and shows. Subsequently, we listened to the actors from the series Becoming Karl Lagerfeld: Raphaelle Bacqué, Isaure Pisani-Ferry, Jérôme Salle, Arnaud de Crémiers, Manori Ravindran, and Kevin Deysson, as they discussed the Disney+ Original series.

Furthermore, on the very first day of event, we also participated in the ‘Fresh TV Formats’ session, hosted by Virginia Mouseler. Mouseler introduced new TV formats from the UK, USA, and Europe, while also providing crucial insights and statistics on TV formats.

We will continue to attend notable screenings and engage with professionals throughout the event.


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