Esra Bilgiç to Portray Nevra in Zamanın Kapıları

 Esra Bilgiç to Portray Nevra in Zamanın Kapıları

Esra Bilgiç was claimed to be the lead actress of the series Zamanın Kapıları.

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It was learnt that Esra Bilgiç, whose new project is a matter of curiosity, is in talks with Tod’s series Zamanın Kapıları by MedYapım, the online platform of beIN Connect. If an agreement is reached, after the Art of Love series to be aired on Netflix, Esra Bilgiç will share the lead role with Birkan Sokullu this time in Zamanın Kapıları.


Work continues on the cast of the series, which is said to start shooting in mid-March, and the name Hazal Kaya was previously brought up for the female lead actress.

Based on Ayşe Övür’s Zamanın Kapıları: İstanbul’un Öteki Yüzü, the series Zamanın Kapıları is directed by Yunus Ozan Korkut, the director of BluTV’s Magarsus series. Büşra Cebe is the screenwriter of the series, which is signed by MedYapım and will be broadcast on Bein Connect’s digital platform Tod.

Zamanın Kapıları series is about the adventures of Sinan, a famous name in the software world and the author of a mysterious book, together with Nevra, the daughter of a famous politician. Following the clues in the book, Sinan and Nevra uncover the hidden face of Istanbul.


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