Family Secrets Team Shared Emmy Award Excitement

 Family Secrets Team Shared Emmy Award Excitement

After being honored with the Best Telenovela award at the 51st International Emmy Awards ceremony in New York, the team of the series Family Secrets (Yargı) was greeted with flowers on their return to Istanbul. The crew members of the series who attended the Award Ceremony shared their feelings on the award.

Lead actress Pınar Deniz:

We received the best ‘Telenovela’ award, we were all very excited. I attended for the first time, of course I was very confident in our series because Sema Ergenekon wrote a great story and Ali Bilgin created a wonderful world. At the beginning I thought, “I wonder if we will get the award” and honestly I was extra surprised when we got it. So I am very happy.

The lead actor Kaan Urgancioglu:

I really didn’t expect it, I can say that they hid the fact that we won very well from us and we didn’t know until the last second. We are very happy and proud.

Sema Ergenekon, the screenwriter of the series:

I am very happy, it was a beautiful dream and our dream came true. All of our goodwill, energy, belief, and dedication to our work was very valuable and brought us this award. I am very happy for that reason.

Ali Bilgin is the director of the series:

I am extremely happy, on the one hand it is very proud to receive an award from a cross-border country, we went to receive the award with five people, but this is a team work, I am very happy and proud.

Family Secrets airs every Sunday on Kanal D.

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