For My Family is Still Popular in Latin America for Season 4

 For My Family is Still Popular in Latin America for Season 4

ATV Distribution announced that the series For My Family continues to maintain its ratings success in the countries where it is broadcast in Latin America. The most important indicator of this is that TVN (Panama), TVN (Chile) and Latina TV (Peru) have acquired the licence rights to season 4 of For My Family.

The series was on air last August on Telefe Argentina, TVN (Panama), TVN (Chile) and Latina TV (Peru), receiving high ratings in each country. Also in August, ATV Distribution gave Televisa Univision the rights to the series so that US Hispanic viewers could watch it on Univision and ViX channels.

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Both Veli and Hatice raised their kids with the motto above. They were labourers, not greedy and rich in heart. Maybe they lack some worldly features such as a comfy home, a car to ride, lots of money to shop relentlessly, but their children were the essence of them being rich. 19 year-old Kadir, 17 year-old twins Ömer and Asiye, and 6 year-old cutie Emel… Four of a kind to know how to look out for each other. They face challenges of life by saying “let life come its way”, they are happily together as a family. Until that rainy day.


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