German Premiere of Color of Victory

 German Premiere of Color of Victory

The German premiere of the movie Color of Victory which was released on February 16th, took place last night at the Schauburg Filmpalast in the city of Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The gala, hosted by Fenerbahçe SK Gelsenkirschen Association, saw the attendance of special guests.

Unforgettable and emotional moments were experienced at the Schauburg Filmpalast attended by the movie’s actors Birce Akalay, Gülper Özdemir, Yılmaz Adam Bayraktar, and the producer and director Abdullah Oğuz.


The special screening, attended by Fenerbahçe SK President Ali Y. Koç, General Secretary Burak Çağlan Kızılhan, Board Members Simla Türker Bayazıt, Selahattin Baki, İlker Dinçay from Fenerbahçe SK, and Gelsenkirschen FSK Association President Ercüment Salman, drew great interest from cinema lovers in Germany.

Following the magnificent premiere in Istanbul at the Atatürk Cultural Center, the movie crew visited Anıtkabir in the capital city of Ankara and received an enthusiastic reception at the premiere in Izmir.

Released on February 16th and directed by Abdullah Oğuz, Color of Victory transports the audience back to Istanbul a century ago with its performances, set design, makeup, and costume designs.


Color of Victory is based on true events that occurred between 1918 and 1923, depicting the national struggle initiated by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Anatolia and the resistance of the Turkish people in Istanbul under occupation, which was bolstered by football victories and united the nation’s morale for independence. The movie culminates with the Harlington Cup, one of the most significant football achievements in Turkish sports history.

Kubilay Aka portrays the main character, Galip Bey, the founding member and legendary captain of Fenerbahçe, while Gülper Özdemir takes on the role of Peyker. Additionally, prominent actors such as Nejat İşler (Sabri Toprak), Timuçin Esen (Topkapılı Cambaz), Yiğit Özşener (Mustafa Kemal Pasha), Gonca Vuslateri (Vera), Yılmaz Bayraktar (Captain Bennett), and Birce Akalay (Halide Edib Adıvar) breathe life into the era’s symbolic politicians, intellectuals, military figures, and heroic athletes of Turkish football history.


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