‘İllegal Hayatlar’ to be Aired on FOX TV

 ‘İllegal Hayatlar’ to be Aired on FOX TV

Directed by Cenk Çelik and starring Mahsun Karaca, Şahin Sarsu, Mehmet Kahraman, Müjde Uzman, Okan Has, Uğur Sarhan, Bülent Çolak, Ali İhsan Varol, “İllegal Hayatlar” will be aired on FOX TV on Friday, 22 December at 20.00.

In the comedy film to be broadcast on television for the first time; Mahsun runs an illegal casino. For this reason, he has a lot of difficulty in coping with police raids. Mahsun, who wants to continue running the casino, decides to establish a fake political party for this purpose.

Thus, he will be able to continue running the casino secretly. However, this idea leads him and his friends into various adventures.


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