In the Last Episode of Family Secrets, Seçil’s Story Caught the Viewers

 In the Last Episode of Family Secrets, Seçil’s Story Caught the Viewers

Kanal D’s “Family Secrets”, produced by Ay Yapım, became the most watched series of the day with its 76th episode with a rating of 5.97 in AB and 6.66 in ABC1.

Seçil’s story in the last episode deeply affected the viewers. The episode, characterized by high excitement, also garnered significant attention on social media. Hashtags such as #Yargı, #Eren, and #Osman dominated social media lists throughout the night, with thousands of posts flooding in about Seçil’s story.


As the episode aired on Sunday set the agenda, lawyer Dilek Ekmekçi’s struggle against orphanages came to mind. The death of 18-year-old Eda Nur Kaplan, who was raped by two men in Ankara and driven to suicide after the perpetrators were released, brought to the agenda what girls go through in state orphanages.

Following the murders of Eda Nur Kaplan, Aleyna Çakır and Esra Hankulu, many claims were made about what young girls growing up in public orphanages were experiencing in the discussions regarding the background of these murders.

In the last episode of Family Secrets, Seçil’s story was a reference to these allegations and the prostitution network. Lawyer Dilek Ekmekçi also shared a post about this on her X account and thanked the series staff for touching upon this sensitive issue.

Family Secrets, written by Sema Ergenekon, is aired on Sunday evenings on Kanal D.

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