Jenna Ortega has left the cast of ‘Scream 7’

 Jenna Ortega has left the cast of ‘Scream 7’

After Mexican actress Melissa Barrera was removed from the cast of Scream 7 because of her social media posts supporting Palestine, Jenna Ortega also left the cast of the movie.

Barrera emphasized being from a “colonized country” in her Instagram posts and used expressions like “Free Palestine.” In response, the production studio, Spyglass, announced Barrera’s removal from the cast, with the message “we have zero tolerance for antisemitism or hate messages of any kind”. The decision to dismiss the actress was met with criticism on social media.

melissa barrera
Melissa Barrera

Following these events, Jenna Ortega also left the film’s cast. According to Deadline, known for Netflix’s Wednesday series and in a leading role, Jenna Ortega reportedly left the cast of Scream 7 citing the shooting schedule as a reason. Ortega portrayed Tara Carpenter, the sister of the character played by Melissa Barrera, Sam Carpenter, in the series.

Barrera and Ortega joined the cult series, which has a special place in the “slasher” genre, with the 2022 film Scream. Scream 6, released last March, was one of the most commercially successful films in the series. However, with the departure of the two lead actors Ortega and Barrera, a difficult process awaits the series.

In addition, Christopher Landon will replace Gillett and Bettinelli-Olpin in the new movie as a director. The contributions Landon will bring to the series as a director are a subject of curiosity.

There is no confirmed release date for Scream 7.


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