Kerem Bürsin at 27th Malaga Film Festival

 Kerem Bürsin at 27th Malaga Film Festival

Kerem Bürsin, who has an international fan base, was the guest of honour at the 27th Malaga Film Festival, which was held this year and broadcast live for the first time in Spain and Latin America.

The actor, who also gave an interview to the Spanish press, announced that this year will be very busy for him and gave information about the film “Blue Cave” for which he signed the script.

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Bürsin said, “A few weeks later, we are starting the shooting of a film I wrote. I am also producing it and I will also play in it. I’m excited for him, I hope good things will happen.

Bürsin, who also represented Turkish Airlines, for which he is the global face, was greeted with a show of love from his fans on the red carpet.


Antonio Banderas, who apparently came together with Kerem Bürsin after the festival, shared the following post

Kerem Bursin also made the following post on his instagram account.


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