Leading Names in Türkiye’s Entertainment Sector React to Israel’s Hospital Bombing

 Leading Names in Türkiye’s Entertainment Sector React to Israel’s Hospital Bombing

The leading names of the entertainment industry in Türkiye expressed their reactions on their social media accounts on the day that 500 people died as a result of Israel’s bombing of the al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza. Artists, who did not remain silent to the Israeli strike, emphasized “humanity” and “peace” in general, while posts highlighting the brutality of the attack were dominant; the attack was described as “unacceptable”.


Actress Nebahat Çehre, who starred in hit series such as Forbidden Love and Magnificient Century, said, “My mind and heart will never accept it. What does it mean to shoot a hospital?” and shared an image of a bloody child’s shoe.


Afra Saraçoğlu, one of the lead actresses of Golden Boy, one of the popular TV series of the last period, used the expression “This brutal attack must be stopped immediately” in her Instagram post on the same day. Saraçoğlu’s second post also included an image expressing her desire for peace. These posts were also shared via x account.

Alperen Duymaz, who we also know from the The Pit series and who recently played in the Ego series, shared a series of posts on his x account and said, “This is a massacre! This is not a war. You must stop, Israel. This is a war crime, WAR CRIME”, he used the expressions.

Burak Deniz, who last played in the series The Trusted and Another Love, shared his statements “This is not a war, it is an inhuman slaughter, a massacre” on his x account with the hashtag Stopthewar.

https://twitter.com/denizburak/status/1714472457376018598?t=3mENxVq3D79MsH7As7mWMQ HYPERLINK “https://twitter.com/denizburak/status

Director, screenwriter and actor Yılmaz Erdoğan said, “I strongly condemn this attack that ended the lives of innocent people and children in the hospital and I feel ashamed on behalf of humanity.”


Bergüzar Korel, known from TV series such as Magnificent Century and Wounded Love, said, “A people is being destroyed far beyond romantic anti-war posts. Children are being killed! This is not a war, don’t you see? This is genocide.”

Serenay Sarıkaya, who plays in the TV series The Family, expressed her reaction with the words “How will this unimaginable brutality be stopped! How will this inhuman slaughter end? Enough is enough,” she said.

Reha Özcan, who we know from the TV series Braveheart, A Miracle and My Wonderful Life, said, “I never take sides in any war, but this ignorant, uncivilized gang of scoundrels who shot a hospital, targeted civilians, and committed an act whose hatred will last for hundreds of years will of course be defeated. Peace, urgent peace.”


Tuba Ünsal, who was last seen in the TV series Poison Ivy, shared a video taken at the hospital a while before the attack, showing children cleaning the garden and said, “How did you kill these children? As we said how the rest of the world was silent during the Hitler era, the same thing is happening right now. What should we do to stop this? What can we do? Pain, despair, destruction…”

Actress Farah Zeynep Abdullah, known from TV series such as Time Goes By, Magnificient Century and Inocentes, shared a Human Rights Watch post on the need for world leaders to take action to prevent this atrocity and the loss of civilian lives.

Ezgi Mola, who last played in the TV series Ayten: The Woman Who Changed the World, said, “Shooting hospitals, slaughtering children! History will not forget this crime against humanity.”.

Actress Pınar Deniz, who plays in the TV series Family Secrets, shared the post “Why is the world silent about this oppression?” with the hashtag FreedomforPalestine.

Engin Altan Düzyatan, who plays in the series Stickman, said, “It is unacceptable that innocent people lose their lives regardless of language, religion and race. The offensive against civilians must stop as soon as possible. Peace must always be a priority. No to war” and “If even one innocent person dies somewhere, this is an atrocity. This horror in front of the eyes of the world must end immediately.”


Pelin Akil, known for the TV series Arka Sıradakiler, said, “What does it mean to specifically target a hospital? This is a crime against humanity. Get your hands off innocent people, children, people struggling for life, enough is enough,” she said, expressing her sadness.

Actress Melek Baykal, also used the photo of bloody child shoes from hospital and said, “If there is a war somewhere, it is not only innocent children who die there. It is conscience, compassion, love, empathy, dreams. Palestine, our prayers are with you.”.

Burak Özçivit, the famous actor of the series The Ottoman, made the following statements in his post with the hashtag NotoWar: “There is no explanation for shooting a hospital. How can this happen in this era? The images are heartbreaking.”


Actress Sinem Kobal, whom we know from TV series such as The Nanny, Little Secrets, Affairs of the Heart, said in her post, “We condemn all forms of war. Especially these actions, this cruelty must end immediately.”

Comedian, actor and producer Şahan Gökbakar said, “Bombing a hospital with innocent children, women and patients… This massacre in front of the eyes of the world must be stopped. It is very upsetting and devastating! Damn it,” he said, expressing his sorrow.

Emre Kinay, who last played in the series Daylight, said that the words are over and humanity is dead and said, “The Israeli government cannot make any sentence about the thesis of self-defense after this atrocity. Of course, Israel has people with common sense. Take down that fascist monster Netanyahu’s cabinet. Otherwise, you will cause the world to burn with you. Stop the strikes on civilians.”

Burcu Özberk, who recently starred in the series Starting Over and Ruhun Duymaz, was among the artists who expressed her reaction on the subject.


Megastar Tarkan used the following statements in his post on his x account:  “It is unacceptable that Israel targeted innocent civilians in the hospital bombed by Israel in Gaza yesterday, killing children and women. This is not only a war crime, but a crime and shame against humanity. The whole world, the whole humanity must stand up and take urgent action to stop this atrocity, this cruelty.”.

Singer Can Bonomo used the following expressions in his post condemning the state of Israel: “I condemn the state of Israel for massacring civilians and committing a crime against humanity. There are no winners in war.”.

Singer Hadise also said in her post, “This is not a war! Killing civilians and hitting hospitals is a war crime. It is a massacre.”


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