Mert Doğan: When will the Snakes of Shahmaran Awaken Against This Evil Humanity?

 Mert Doğan: When will the Snakes of Shahmaran Awaken Against This Evil Humanity?

Talented actor Mert Doğan has so far appeared in series such as Çarpışma, Babylon, Shahmaran and in the film 10 Days of a Good Man. The young actor recently played the character of “Bekir Akıncı” in the series Farah and won the appreciation of the audience.

Yasemin Şefik had a delightful interview with Mert Doğan for Episode readers!

Mert Dogan: If I saw an Arun in front of me with his black hoodie… I would ask: ‘When will the snakes of Shahmaran wake up against this evil humanity?’

Firstly, let’s start with your acting story. Can you tell us about the beginning of your career?

Actually, the whole story started years ago when I came across the set of a film that I still revisit and watch fondly these days. After that, conservatory, graduation, the first project that I can refer to as the beginning of my career was Babil. It has been a wonderful journey that has continued since then. How happy I am.

You have played different characters in many TV series and theatre plays so far. With which one did you have a deep connection?

We are faced with many characters. But I think the character I have identified with the most so far is “Doğan” in the film Together, Alone (2022), which I shot with Kasım Ördek. I loved the world of the film so much that whenever we receive good news about any festival, I go straight back to the days we shot the film.

You describe the character “Arun” you played in Şahmaran as a character you believe you will never meet in your life. What if you do?

As I said before, you love the atmosphere of some works. It felt great to shoot in Yılankale, to listen to music from there, to investigate the possibilities that we thought might be real. If I saw Arun in front of me with his black hoodie, I would ask: When will the snakes of Shahmaran wake up against this evil humanity?!

How did you prepare for the series Farah and the character “Bekir”?

Our journey for Farah was wonderful. First of all, I would like to thank the whole team and everyone who contributed. It was a great excitement; “Bekir” was a character that developed me in every sense and carried me forward. I saw that the man I thought to be very dark had completely different colors coming out of him in the process. It was really nice to play him.

Is there a comfort of being on the set of the series throughout the season, how does that make you feel?

Even though our working hours are irregular, I love that flexibility If I’m working on a character I love and am excited about, I don’t mind saying, “I’m going to work early in the morning.”

Mert Doğan


How do you manage the process of evaluating the role offers you receive?

I have recently realized that I prioritize the story I read; of course, it is a great chance to play a solid character in a good story. But playing a solid character in a bad story is not very satisfying because all characters are interconnected; all other characters contribute to your strength. That’s why my priority is the strength of the story.

What challenges do you face in your acting career?

The hours. Sometimes it limits us; I think it limits our creativity. It is really difficult for the whole team to shoot an episode during the week. Other than that, I don’t think there are too many challenging aspects of a profession done with love.

How have you and the industry changed since the day you first appeared in front of the camera?

I realized that I should be more involved in life rather than the education I received. In other words, while playing a character in a film, I have understood over the years that I should forget all the theories I know and reflect many things from life on the camera. The characters we play are a little dirty, a little flawed, just like in life.

What is the project you are hoping for? Which character do you wish such and such a role would come along?

I think it’s a bit of a split. I would love to play a character that is fragmented, unstable, and changing color very fast—troubled.

What is a set day like for Mert Doğan? What do you plan for your rest day?

Sometimes I love to walk around the places we visit. I am currently on the set of the Prince series, and we are shooting a very enjoyable digital work. It is enjoyable to walk around the plateaus of that period. I always find a chair outside the caravan. It feels good to be in the world of the shooting location, and enough coffee and music are enough for me not to get a headache. I love spending time alone in my rest periods; it feels good.

My name is Farah is a story that has been sold in many countries around the world. In which language will you be surprised to watch yourself?


Are there any new projects in the theatre?

I tried to turn William Shakespeare’s Richard III into a one-man play many years ago. I had a few performances at the conservatory. It is still a play that I am thinking about today. Maybe it will come soon.

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