Miracle Mirrors will be Released on 5 April

 Miracle Mirrors will be Released on 5 April

Based on the stories of Aziz Nesin and directed by Tolga Örnek, Miracle Mirrors will be released on 5 April. Set in futuristic Turkey, the movie combines everyday reality with absurdism and fantastic comedy.

The film, which is built around the theme of “dreams – realities”, the main dilemma of today’s people, stands out with Tolga Örnek’s screenplay adapted from six different Aziz Nesin stories. The film stars Cengiz Bozkurt, Şebnem Bozoklu, Boran Kuzum, Zerrin Sümer, Eren Demirbaş, İştar Gökseven and İdil Fırat.


With the theme of Miracle Mirrors, which turns dreams into reality and brings the past to the present in a single snap, the film tells the story of today’s people who “cannot live their lives from running after dreams”. It tells the big story of “little people” who lose, stumble, risk losing the beauties in their own world while trying to catch big dreams, yet never give up…

Aziz Nesin’s unique observation of everyday life and human beings, penetrating down to their very cells, and his “reflection of us to us” are carried to the present day through the intertwined stories of the film. Produced with the support of the Nesin Foundation on the 50th anniversary of the foundation, the film is a tribute to the master of humour.

Produced by Mine Şengöz of Orchestra Content, the film is written and directed by Tolga Örnek and co-produced by Alp Çağrı Günal and Levent Güneri. The film by Tolga Örnek, director of films such as The Losers Club and Revolution Cars, will be in the cinema on 5 April…

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