Netflix threatened with lawsuit: Squid Games reality show injury claim

 Netflix threatened with lawsuit: Squid Games reality show injury claim

Netflix, Squid Games reality show contestants are threatening to file a lawsuit against the streaming giant, alleging injuries on set and asserting that the production jeopardized safety boundaries in the pursuit of entertainment.

Netflix has been threatened with legal action over allegations of injuries in the reality show version of Squid Game. Contestants of Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge are threatening to take legal action against the streaming giant, claiming they were injured on set and that the production “pushed the boundaries of safety in the name of entertainment.”

British law firm Express Solicitors announced yesterday that two unnamed contestants have been instructed to seek compensation for injuries sustained during the filming of the reality series at Cardington Studios near Bedford, England in January, C21 media reported.

Squid Game: The Challenge


The contestants claim they suffered injuries including nerve damage and hypothermia as a result of “poor health and safety standards on set.”

Squid Game: The Challenge is a reality competition series based on Netflix’s smash hit Korean drama Squid Game, which became the streamer’s most-viewed title ever when it premiered in 2021.

The reality series, billed by Netflix as the “biggest competition series ever” owing to its US$4.56m cash prize, is produced by Studio Lambert and The Garden. It sees 456 contestants taking part in challenges inspired by those featured in the scripted series.

Filming coincided with a cold snap in the UK in January, with Netflix confirming at the time that three contestants had received medical attention. However, it also said any claims of serious injury were “untrue.”


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