Özdemir: It was the Emotion or the Sentence of the Script that Motivated Me

 Özdemir: It was the Emotion or the Sentence of the Script that Motivated Me

The actors of the Farah series, Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek answered the questions of Episode International. A struggling mum, family dramas and, of course, love… The most important thing to get all this right is harmonious teamwork and, of course, believing in your character with all your heart. It goes without saying that this has been achieved in the Farah series. In our warm conversation, Özdemir and Akyürek shared insights about the key to success in their inner world and working environment. You will feel this as you read. Enjoy reading.

Özdemir: The emotion of the sentence of the script motivates me

What does the Farah series mean to you? What were the elements of the story that motivated you the most when accepting the project?

In the case of Farah, what motivated me the most was a woman’s struggle for life with her child, which I can call “the emotion or the sentence of the script”. That’s why Farah holds a special place for me.

Farah was a woman who survived great hardships but fought all kinds of difficulties alone for Kerimşah. She has a very impressive character for the viewers.

What were the most striking aspects of Farah’s performance?

Farah was the first time I portrayed a mother, let alone a single mother. Moreover this woman was a character who was struggling to survive in a country where she was not a citizen. The fact that Farah was such a layered character has influenced me a lot. Her struggle for the survival of her child alone is admirable. I was also impressed by her protection not only of her son but also of the man she loves and her friends.

There are intertwined stories, family dramas, plenty of action and of course love in Farah. As an actress, writer and viewer, what do you think are the reasons why Farah is being watched and loved?

Maybe it will be a repetition, but first of all, the story. The fact that the drama and action are balanced also has a big impact on the show’s popularity. I would also add the harmony between the actors and the energy that comes out of working with a wonderful team.


Özdemir: It’s not easy to perform with a small child

Farah and Kerimşah’s mom-son relationship, their dialogues and the way they hold on to each other were also very popular. How do you feel as an actress during these scenes?

Rastin my dear. Just like the characters, we also have a very sweet relationship. I’m used to spending time with my friends’ children, but being a “mom” sounded strange at first, but after a few scenes with Rastin, I got used to it 🙂 It’s not easy to perform with a small child because you have to be more careful about your dialogues, your movements. Even though Rastin knows that this is a game, I am more protective and careful in the scenes with him compared to the scenes with the other actors both during and after the shooting.

Your partnership with Engin Akyürek is also followed with attention, how is it on set? What would you like to say about Engin?

We have a very harmonious partnership with Engin. We have a lot of fun on the set. It may not seem like that from the outside but Engin is very funny.

You have viewers in many countries around the world and they are eagerly watching Farah or waiting for it to be aired in their countries. What would you like to tell them about Farah?

I put Farah in a special place in my career. No matter how much I cried in the series, I loved working on it. I am very happy to give life to a strong woman like Farah. I think all viewers of the series, but especially women, will find something from themselves.

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