Pınar Deniz: Magnum’s Guest of Honour at Cannes 2024

 Pınar Deniz: Magnum’s Guest of Honour at Cannes 2024

The lead actress of Family Secrets, Pınar Deniz, is on her way to the Cannes Film Festival. Deniz will be the guest of honor of Türkiye at the Magnum party on Thursday, May 16th, as part of the festival.

Pınar Deniz: “I’m very happy to be going to Cannes”

Deniz, who will attend the party starting with a red carpet ceremony at the Magnum House on Cannes Croisette, stated: “I’m very happy to be going to Cannes as the honored guest of Magnum. Cannes takes on a magical identity every year during this season, and this year is very special for me. I’m very excited to embark on a journey filled with joy with Magnum.”

On the night of May 16th, at the party where many world-famous stars will attend, special remix versions of Australian singer, songwriter, and actor Troye Sivan’s “Honey” track, inspired by the two different modes of the new Magnum Euphoria and Magnum Chill products, will also be performed live.

pınar deniz
Pınar Deniz


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