Prime Video shares first details about the characters of ‘Bihter’

 Prime Video shares first details about the characters of ‘Bihter’

Prime Video, shared the first information about the characters of its new original movie Bihter. The platform will launch the highly anticipated Bihter movie on November 16th.

Original Series Bihter

The story of passion, infidelity, courage and cowardice that turns into a disaster takes the audience on a journey into the magical atmosphere of the 1900s. Bihter brings a different and fresh perspective to Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil’s novel.

Directed by Mehmet Binay and Caner Alper, written by Merve Göntem, produced by Timur Savcı and Cemal Okan and signed by TAFF Pictures, the film’s cast includes Farah Zeynep Abdullah, Boran Kuzum, Osman Sonant, Hande Ataizi, Helin Kandemir, Nezaket Erden, Lorin Merhart, Mert Can Tekin, Mert İnce, and guest stars Ebru Özkan and Tilbe Saran.

Who is Bihter (Farah Zeynep Abdullah)?

Young and beautiful Bihter is the little daughter of Mrs. Firdevs. Carrying her mother’s mistakes as a great burden on her shoulders, Bihter’s life is marred by the poison of insinuations and gossip. The opportunity she has been waiting for to get out of the darkness created by her mother comes to her with the marriage proposal of the rich and respectable Adnan Bey. Bihter, whose biggest fear throughout her life has been the possibility of turning into her mother, is forced to face her fears as she discovers what it means to be a desirable woman with power and money.


Who is Behlül (Boran Kuzum)?

Handsome and flirtatious Behlül grows up under the patronage of his uncle Adnan Bey. Although he has studied politics, Behlül is quite happy with the comfortable and prosperous life his uncle offers him and has no intention of entering politics. Behlül, who is seen as the family’s mischievous young man, is famous for his adventures in Beyoğlu and his legendary flirtations. In addition to his flirtatious and childish personality, Behlül is very fond of his family and feels a sense of gratitude towards them.


Who is Adnan Bey (Osman Sonant)?

Adnan Bey, a wealthy Istanbul gentleman, belongs to the highest class of the city. The father of two children, Adnan Bey devotes his entire life to them after his wife passes away. One day, when he falls in love with Firdevs Hanım’s daughter Bihter, who is much younger than him, he decides not to live his life alone anymore.


Who is Firdevs (Hande Ataizi)?

Firdevs Hanım has never been able to accept aging and being a mother, and her most important goal in life is to try to maintain her ostentatious life. Believing that she deserves much better than the life she is living, Firdevs Hanım cheats on her husband and causes his death, which is the talk of the society she wants to be a part of. Although she sees marrying Adnan Bey as an opportunity for herself, she has to accept the fact that Adnan Bey wants to marry Bihter. Firdevs, who sees herself in her daughter Bihter, foresees what will happen before anyone else and tries to prevent irreversible mistakes.


Who is Nihal (Helin Kandemir)?

Nihal’s biggest fear is loneliness, as she has become quite fond of her father Adnan Bey after her mother’s death. Although Nihal tries to respect his father’s decision to marry Bihter, the possibility of his mother’s memory and herself being forgotten makes her very sad. Nihal tries to struggle with the feeling of her mother’s absence, and also struggles with the complex emotions of her adult life as she transitions from childhood to adolescence.

Who is Peyker (Nezaket Erden)?

Peyker, the eldest daughter of Mrs. Firdevs, differs from her sister Bihter with her distant attitude. She marries Nihat, whom her mother disapproves of, and has a child.

Who is Matmazel de Courton (Ebru Özkan)?

Matmazel, the housemother of Nihal and Bülent, has taken on the task of mothering the children to whom Adnan Bey has devoted his life after the death of his wife. She realizes that Adnan Bey’s marriage to Bihter will change the lives of everyone at the mansion.

Who is Nihat (Mert Can Tekin)?

Nihat is Peyker’s husband, whom Firdevs Hanım never approves of because she does not consider him to fit into the family. He is always trying to prove himself with his desire for approval. With Bihter’s help, Nihat starts working for Adnan Bey and gets the opportunity of a lifetime.

Who is Beşir (Lorin Merhart)?

Beşir, who grew up with Nihal, works as a servant at the mansion. His unrequited love for Nihal will further trigger his illness and put him in bed.


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