‘REA(L)OVE’: The Mega-Hit Reality Dating Show Now Represented by Global Agency

 ‘REA(L)OVE’: The Mega-Hit Reality Dating Show Now Represented by Global Agency

Global Agency has obtained the international rights to the acclaimed Japanese reality dating show, REA(L)OVE, originally created and produced by FANY Studio.


The Japanese reality show, REA(L)OVE, introduces a captivating twist to the conventional format by assembling 20 contestants in search of romance, each burdened with a profound secret. This innovative approach leaves viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering whether love can endure when confronted with harsh truths. The show features a diverse cast, including individuals with backgrounds such as fraudsters, adulterers, and bankrupts, who gradually unveil their secrets over a three-day period.

Hosted by celebrities, the show offers insight into the contestants’ journeys, fostering empathy among viewers. Over the course of nine episodes, viewers are immersed in the emotional rollercoaster experienced by the participants as they confront reality head-on. Ultimately, each contestant must grapple with the question of whether genuine love can blossom despite the revelations. While some may find romance, others are destined to have their hearts broken.


One notable aspect is the inclusion of two prominent celebrity hosts who accompany the participants on their journey, providing oversight and encouragement in their pursuit of love. These hosts hold a central position in shaping the storyline, offering advice to the contestants and facilitating individual interactions.

Izzet PINTO, Founder & CEO of Global Agency, expressed his enthusiasm, stating: “We are delighted to represent our brand new format, Real Love. Japan is renowned for its innovative and creative original formats, and we are thrilled to collaborate with FANY Studio in introducing their unique concept to the global market. With the immense popularity of reality dating shows today, we are proud to incorporate this distinctive format into our MIPTV lineup.”

Mari Kawamura, Head of Global Business at FANY Studio, also shared her thoughts: “It is our pleasure to collaborate with Global Agency for the first time, and we have full confidence in their ability to distribute our format worldwide. While numerous reality dating shows exist globally, our format, REA(L)OVE, offers a unique twist that sets it apart. We hope audiences worldwide will appreciate the thrilling, exciting, and unexpected romance depicted in our format.”


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