Reha Erdem’s ‘Neandria’: Exclusive Screenings Kick Of

 Reha Erdem’s ‘Neandria’: Exclusive Screenings Kick Of

Written and directed by Reha Erdem and produced by Ömer Atay and Serra Ciliv, Neandria begins its exclusive screenings with the distribution of Başka Sinema.

The film will be screened for the first time in Istanbul with the participation of the film crew tomorrow at 21:00 at Atlas 1948 Cinema, and it will meet the Istanbul audience for the second time on Sunday, February 4th, at Kadıköy Cinema. Following the screening on Sunday evening, there will also be a conversation on “Ecological Sustainable Production” with the participation of Reha Erdem and Tanıl Bora, who will be seen in the film as Cumhur Hoca.

Neandria, which will continue its exclusive screenings on 10 February at Karaca Cinema in Izmir and 17 February at Büyülü Fener Kızılay Cinema in Ankara, will be released in cinemas on 15 March 2024.


Neandria centres on a young woman named Suna, who lives with her mother in a poor village near an ancient city and prepares for athletics competitions. The film also follows the changing life of Imam, a newcomer to the village, and tells the rebellion of young people stuck in a world sickened by competition, hunting and the ambition to win, searching for freedom and love in the cracks. Bringing together veteran actors and new discoveries, the film stars Deniz İlhan, Ahmet Rıfat Şungar, Bülent Emin Yarar, İnci Nur Daşdemir, Nihal Yalçın, Izzy, Nur Fettahoğlu, Serkan Keskin, Gizem Katmer, Ayşegül Kopartan and Tanıl Bora.


Neandria, which had its world premiere at the 39th Warsaw Film Festival in October 2023, is one of the first examples of green production in Turkey. Completed as an ecologically sustainable production initiative and with Kiraz Erdem as Sustainable Production Supervisor, the film was shot in the village of Kayacık in Çanakkale and in the ancient city of Neandria.


Written, directed, edited and sound designed by Reha Erdem, “Neandria” is directed by Florent Herry, who also worked on “Kaç Para Kaç” (1999), “Korkuyorum Anne” (2004), “Beş Vakit” (2006), “Kosmos” (2009), “Jîn” (2013), “Şarkı Singing Kadınlar” (2013) and “Koca Dünya” (2016).

The film was executive produced by Kaan Mestut, co-directed by Deniz Tortum, sound by Herve Guyader and Furkan Atlı, art direction by Peri Okan, costume design by Merve Ertan, and music by Alican Çamcı.

Neandria, an Atlantik Film production, will be released in cinemas on 15 March 2024 with the distribution of Başka Sinema.

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