Sony Pictures Television Debuts New Slate of Animated and Live-Action Properties to Buyers at MIPCOM Junior

 Sony Pictures Television Debuts New Slate of Animated and Live-Action Properties to Buyers at MIPCOM Junior

Sony Pictures Television – Kids (SPT – Kids), which produces and distributes content for children in over 200 countries worldwide, announced today that the studio is bringing an expansive new slate of animated and live-action kids properties to buyers at MIPCOM Junior. Titles include reinventions of classic Sony Pictures Television IP such as BewitchedStuart Little and Wheel of Fortune, along with new, evergreen concepts such as Hotel WhiskersSharks on Wheels and The Powers, among others.

Said Joe D’Ambrosia, EVP & General Manager, SPT – Kids: “Our specialty as one of the industry’s most prolific producers of kids content is to bring buyers the next generation’s high quality, hit children’s franchise, just as we did for Netflix with Creature Cases and Hilda, and for Disney with SuperKitties. Our distinctive and diverse development lineup has already generated early enthusiasm and we’re looking forward to continuing conversations with our buyers at the market.”

SPT – Kids is known globally a best-in-class content creator for kids with a focus on building the next world-class, global franchise for younger audiences. The studio’s award-winning productions include global hits such as Creature CasesSuperKitties, the Emmy Award-winning Hilda and Octonauts, which has been released in 19 languages in 190 countries and has been a stand-out hit in the family entertainment space for over a decade.

Among the Premiere Titles Coming to Market


Based on the iconic television series, the new Bewitched follows Samantha’s pre-teen daughter Tabitha and combines the teenage double-life adventures of Hannah Montana with the magic school antics of Harry Potter.

Stuart Little

A fresh retelling of a beloved classic for kids 6+. It’s Freaks and Geeks… but with a mouse. Freaks and Squeaks?

Wheel of Fortune

In collaboration with SPT’s game show division comes a kids’ version of Wheel of Fortune that stays true to the format but incorporates gameplay twists for a younger audience such as physical and comedic challenges to earn letters or buy vowels.

Hotel Whiskers

Welcome to Hotel Whiskers, the first-ever home away from home for animals of all stripes and types, including pets! Think Suite Life of Zach and Cody… but with animals.

Sharks on Wheels

In an all-shark world, teams of racers in hot-rodded (aka “sharkified”) vehicles battle it out on the racetrack for the ultimate prize: the Megalodon Cup. It’s Wacky Races meets Drive to Survive!

The Powers

In collaboration with Sow You Entertainment comes The Powers. Meet 5-year-old Will. He’s the youngest member of a family of singing silly supervillains and he’s got a problem: he’s just no good at being bad. Each 7-minute episode is a mini-rock opera with catchy hooks that’ll keep parents and preschoolers singing along as Will helps his family learn how to be good.

Slayer Family Band

When a family band inherits cursed musical instruments to battle demons, they soon discover that the family that slays together, stays together!


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