SPI International announced of a new version of FilmBox channel in Hungary

 SPI International announced of a new version of FilmBox channel in Hungary

SPI International announced of a new version of FilmBox channel in Hungary, fully tailored for the Hungarian market, featuring an enhanced content selection starting January 2024.

It’s also announced that this endeavour would be further strengthened through a partnership with RTL Saleshouse, facilitating advertising sales and viewership measurement.

SPI International, a CANAL+ company, built over the years strong expertise in channels management across various platforms, including PayTV, FTA and digital and keeps leveraging its expertise to enhance the group’s mainstream channel offerings.


The company has launched a dedicated FilmBox stream for Hungary and emphasises that this is a strategic move following the successful implementation of a similar approach in the Czech market in 2018. The new agreement with RTL Saleshouse exclusively pertains to the FilmBox channel. In Hungary, the FilmBox channel boasts the highest penetration within the SPI channel portfolio.

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“We’re dedicated to enhancing FilmBox’s value proposition across key regions like Hungary, through individual feeds featuring enriched content selections. Our next goal was to find a partner who embodies the spirit of FilmBox and can collaborate effectively within SPI’s corporate structure. RTL Saleshouse fulfils these requirements, and I am excited to commence our collaboration,” adds Tamás Fülöp, Regional Director of SPI International.

“The renewed FilmBox channel fits perfectly into our portfolio, and we are very proud to launch and build the advertising sales channel together,” said Zsófia Demeter, Ad Sales Director, RTL Saleshouse.

SPI International has also recently unveiled new content acquisitions for FilmBox channels in Central and Eastern Europe. This includes content from industry leaders such as Paramount Global Content Distribution and Prorom.


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