Tims&B Productions Accelerated New Season Preparations

 Tims&B Productions Accelerated New Season Preparations

Tims&B Productions, the producer of many successful series aired all over the world, has announced that it has accelerated its preparations for the new season. The company announced, that it is preparing to bring a passionate love story set in Adana in the 90s to viewers in the September airing period. In the announcement, it was emphasised that Tims&B Productions promises viewers a visual feast and a nostalgic time travel that will be engraved in the memories.


This time, Tims&B Productions takes Adana as a stage in the 90s, a time of significant social and economic transformations in Turkey, as well as a brand new world order and technological advancements. Here, those who struggle not to fall in love are dragged into love as a result of an adventure full of revenge and passion.

Tims&B Productions, on the other hand, continues the preparations of two new series that will be set in the present day. All three of these series have the characteristic of being high-budget productions with giant productions.



In its statement, the company emphasises that each of these productions is unique and that it anticipates a versatile and impressive broadcast season for the 2024-2025 season.

It is stated that the details of the three projects will be announced in the coming days.

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