Turkish Drama Gala at Content Americas 

 Turkish Drama Gala at Content Americas 

Content Americas will host the Turkish Drama Gala in honour of Türkiye’s success in the international drama industry.

As part of the Content Americas programme, it was announced that a Turkish Drama Gala will be held to celebrate 10 years of successful performance of Turkish content in Latin America.

Universal Cinergi shared with Episode International the announcement of the Turkish Drama Gala to be held at the Temple House in Miami Beach on 22 January at 19:00. The event will be part of the official calendar of Content Americas 2024.

At the event where distinguished examples of Turkish drama will be showcased, there will also be an Recoknition Award Ceremony.


Universal Cinergi officials, Liliam Hernandez, CEO and Gema Lopez, COO made the following comment in their presentation: “We will celebrate the stories and characters that have captured our hearts and imagination and brought us together as a global community. We will share in the joy and wonder of discovering new worlds and experiencing new emotions through the power of Turkish content production. (…) As a company that values cultural diversity and creativity, we believe that Turkish audiovisual production deserves recognition for its unique and dynamic contributions to the entertainment world.”

The event aims to bring together Turkish content producers and channels, artists from successful productions, press and industry colleagues. The agenda of the gala will focus on the evolution of Turkish content in Latin America since its launch in 2014 with the title “1001 Nights”.


In the presentation of Universal Cinergi officials, the following remarks were made about Türkiye’s cultural heritage:

For centuries, Türkiye has been a melting pot of cultures and a cradle of civilization, and its rich cultural heritage has inspired some of the most captivating and dynamic content in the world. From epic dramas to gripping thrillers to romantic comedies and heartwarming family films, Turkish content production has something to offer everyone. The country’s audiovisual production has been a significant contributor to Türkiye’s cultural landscape.

In recent times Turkish entertainment has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity and global presence. Turkish TV shows and movies have been distributed to more than 150 nations and have captivated a broad and diverse viewership around the world.”


While it is emphasised that there are different factors at the source of this attractiveness, the most significant of these factors are listed as follows:

• High-quality production values

• Diverse Storytelling

• Cost-effective production

• Streaming platforms


The story of the worldwide success of Turkish TV series was described in the presentation as follows:

“The global entertainment market is expanding, with the proliferation of screens and streaming platforms creating a high demand for content. Türkiye has emerged as a major player in the industry ranking second only to the US in worldwide TV distribution, conquering eyeballs in the Middle East, Europe and Latin America which fell in love with the Turkish dramas. These shows have captivated viewers with their compelling narratives that touch on universal themes of love, family and faith. 

The growing popularity of Turkish content in Latin America has also led to increased collaboration between Turkish and Latin American producers and content creators, as they seek to create content that appeals to audiences in both regions, always with potential for international success. The first Turkish telenovela broadcast in Latin America was ‘1001 Nights’ in 2014, which paved the way for the countless other productions that followed in their footsteps.”


Some figures about Türkiye, which has become an important actor in the international entertainment sector, were also shared:

“• According to a report by Global Business Reports, the Turkish film industry has seen significant growth over the last decade, with box office revenues increasing from $35 million in 2009 to over $200 million in 2019.

• Furthermore, a report by PwC predicts that the global entertainment and media market will grow at a compound annual growth of 4.4% between 2020 and 2025, reaching a value of $2.4 trillion by 2025. The report notes that digital media will be the primary driver of growth, with the online streaming market projected to grow at a CAGR of 10% over the same period.

• In terms of the impact of Turkish content on the global entertainment market, a report by Eutelsat and IPSOS found that Turkish dramas are among the most popular TV series worldwide, with an estimated 500 million viewers in over 140 countries. The report also notes that Turkish dramas have been particularly successful in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, where they have become a cultural phenomena.

• Total revenue in the Entertainment segment is projected to reach US$112.20m in 2022.


• Total revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 7.93%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$179.00m by 2027.

• In-app purchase (IAP) revenue in the Entertainment segment is projected to reach US$39.79m in 2022.

• Paid app revenue in the Entertainment segment is projected to reach US$0.23m in 2022.

• Advertising revenue in the Entertainment segment is projected to reach US$72.22m in 2022.

• The number of downloads in the Entertainment segment is projected to reach 159.70m downloads in 2022.

• The average revenue per download currently is expected to amount to US$0.70.

• A global comparison reveals that most revenue is generated in China (US$13,930.00m in 2022).”

Originally built in 1933 as a synagogue, Temple House is a popular venue in Miami Beach, having previously hosted corporate events and charity galas with its elegantly designed event spaces.


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