GAİN’s Series Yarın Yokmuş Gibi Featured at Times Square

 GAİN’s Series Yarın Yokmuş Gibi Featured at Times Square

The trailer of the GAİN’s series Yarın Yokmuş Gibi, starring Halit Ergenç and Tûba Büyüküstün, was showcased on the giant screen of Times Square.

The promotional video of the series, one of the most ambitious productions recently aired by GAİN, received attention on Times Square, the heart of New York City. The video featuring scenes from the series was eagerly watched by fans of internationally renowned actors Tûba Büyüküstün and Halit Ergenç.


Yarın Yokmuş Gibi revolves around the encounter of experienced journalist Hakan and popular actress Manolya during an interview. As they spend a short but intense time together, they search for ways to establish honest and open communication, confronting their prejudices and thereby starting to change their approach towards each other.

Directed by Zeynep Günay, the series consists of four episodes. Produced by Saner Ayar and signed by CB Medya, the series was adapted by screenwriter Ekin Atalar from the 2003 film Interview.


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