Artificial Intelligence: Critical Agendas at Content London

 Artificial Intelligence: Critical Agendas at Content London

Content London will spotlight the most progressive Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and strategies that offer both creativity and business solutions for the content industry.

C21 Media announced “AI takes centre stage at Content London with a six hour block of sessions set to examine the threat and opportunity from every angle”.

These sessions, which are expected to create a significant weight at Content London, will feature important names and critical topics.


The sessions titled PROMPT START; HOW AI WILL CHANGE THE CONTENT BUSINESS will take place on Tuesday, November 28 (tomorrow) from 14:15 to 18:00 and on Wednesday, November 29 from 14:15 to 16:00. These Content London events will bring together the industry’s leading names in this field.

According to predictions, AI will redefine the content business over the next few years. A proper understanding of the changes in technology and new tools is seen as critical to the competitive landscape. A series of topics such as understanding current threats and opportunities, the state of legal procedures, leading producers’ assessments of formats, characters, stories and sales will be explored.

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