King Shakir: Giants Awakened In the Cinemas This Week

 King Shakir: Giants Awakened In the Cinemas This Week

Grafi 2000 Production’s King Shakir: Giants Awakened film is coming to the cinema this week. The sixth film of Kral Şakir: Giants Awakened is about the artificial intelligence revolution, the most discussed topic today, and touches upon the importance of using technology in the right way.

The subject of the film, which conveys the cultural richness of Mount Nemrut to the white screen through the eyes of children, is briefly as follows:

A famous technology company develops a system that mobilises electronic devices and enables them to move with artificial intelligence. Shakir and his family admire the products made by this company. The owner of the company, an investor named Harun, organises expeditions under the leadership of the archaeologist Seniha, who was Shakir’s grandmother in the past, and uncovers a prehistoric stone.

The evil warrior trapped in this stone comes out of the stone where he has been locked for centuries and takes on the character of Harun. Shakir and his family will try to find Seniha, the grandmother who disappeared with the mystery of the statue heads on Mount Nemrut, and protect the world from malicious warriors.


Emphasising that King Shakir gives very strong messages to children while entertaining them, producer Grafi2000 Production Co-Founder Varol Yaşaroğlu said the following: “Sustainability, recycling, peer bullying and artificial intelligence King Shakir has always addressed the problems that children face today in his films and raised awareness in these areas. In our last film, we deal with the much discussed artificial intelligence and the misuse of technology.

We are bringing this theme to the white screen in a way to include the historical richness of our country. ‘Giants Awakened’ is also very advanced in terms of visual technique. Our film creates the perception of real space with 3D animation techniques. We hope it will be a film that children and families will enjoy.”

King Shakir: Giants Awakened will be in cinemas in Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on the week of 16 February. The film will be released in Germany, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium and Austria in February. The 85-minute film is also supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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