Details of Turkish Drama Gala Programme at Content Americas Announced

 Details of Turkish Drama Gala Programme at Content Americas Announced

Universal Cinergia Dubbing’s CEO Liliam Hernandez announced the details of the Turkish Drama Gala program that they will host at the Content Americas market in Miami at the end of this month. She revealed that Lourdes Stephen, the host of Al Rojo Vivo, will be presenting the event.

While working on Telemundo’s news magazine program, Stephen has conducted interviews with world leaders, celebrities, and notable personalities such as Donald Trump and Penelope Cruz.

The musical aspect of the event will feature Turkish composer and singer Murat Evgin. Evgin has composed music for several successful Turkish TV series, including Back Streets, which has run for 18 seasons.


Global Agency is sponsoring the participation of actor Barış Kılıç at the Gala, which will take place at Temple House in Miami Beach on Monday, January 22nd.

Kılıç made his TV debut in 2004 with the role of Aybars in the series All My Children and has also appeared in productions like Forbidden Fruit and One Love.

Turkish free-to-air network ATV is bringing two actors from its drama For My Family to the Gala – Yiğit Koçak plays Ömer Eren, and cast member Lizge Cömert plays Susen Kılıç.

Other event sponsors include Calinos, Kanal D Drama, Mist, Turkish Airlines, Dint, and Film Dub Factory.


The Gala event celebrates the success of Turkish content in Latin America and worldwide.

It will showcase a diverse display of productions and shine a spotlight on the achievements of writers, producers, directors, and actors who have played important roles in the Turkish audiovisual industry.

The event explores the evolution of Turkish content in Lat Am since its launch in 2013 with the show 1001 Nights, which has been a hit in Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil.

turkish drama gala

It will bring together clients from all over LatAm and Turkey, including broadcasters, distributors, channels, producers, writers, actors, press and industry executives.

The Gala is supported by the Consulate General of the Republic of Türkiye in Miami, the Turkish Chamber of Commerce, with Turkish Airlines as one of several sponsors.

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