Netflix’s New Series İstanbul Ansiklopedisi is on Set

 Netflix’s New Series İstanbul Ansiklopedisi is on Set

The Netflix series İstanbul Ansiklopedisi, produced by Tims&B Productions and written and directed by Selman Nacar, went on set. The shooting of the series started in Istanbul.

Nacar, the director of the series, has previously won awards from many international festivals with his films Tereddüt Çizgisi and İki Şafak Arasında.


Produced by Timur Savcı and Burak Sağyaşar, the series focuses on the story of two characters named Nesrin and Zehra. Coming from different generations and raised in different cultural atmospheres, Nesrin and Zehra harbour many contrasts with their completely different desires, secrets and lies. With its gripping characters, this new production is already highly anticipated.

Canan Ergüder portrays the character of Doctor Nesrin and Helin Kandemir portrays the character of Zehra in this new Turkish series, whose shooting started in the unique atmosphere of Istanbul. The cast of the series also includes important names such as Müjde Ar, Tolga Tekin, Nezaket Erden and Kaan Miraç Sezen.


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