IMDb Announced the Best Turkish TV Series of All Time

 IMDb Announced the Best Turkish TV Series of All Time

IMDb, the world’s most popular film and series database, announced the best Turkish series of all time. Persona, whose 2nd season aired on GAIN, became the best Turkish series of all time.

In the list where Persona was 1st, there were many Turkish-made series from different genres and periods. Other Turkish series in the top five were Leyla ile Mecnun, İkinci Bahar, Ezel and Tatlı Hayat.

The final episode of Persona Season II met with the audience last Sunday. This season of Şahsiyet was marked by the performance of Haluk Bilginer, who was awarded the International Emmy Award for his performance in the first season, and Erdal Özyağcılar, who played the character of Kader.

Directed by Onur Saylak and written by Hakan Günday, Persona, produced by Ay Yapım, will star Haluk Bilginer and Erdal Özyağcılar, Cansu Dere, Şebnem Bozoklu. In addition, doyen names such as Deniz Gökçer, Füsun Erbulak, Nurseli İdiz and İzzet Günay meet with the audience.

Şahsiyet, the first local production to premiere in Hollywood, brought Haluk Bilginer the Best Actor Award at the 47th International Emmy Awards in 2019.

Two seasons of Şahsiyet are on GAIN with all episodes.


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