First Trailer of ‘The Turkish Detective’ Has Been Released

 First Trailer of ‘The Turkish Detective’ Has Been Released

TV+ has released the first trailer of from the series The Turkish Detective, a crime drama produced in collaboration with Paramount, MiraMax, and Ay Yapım. Starring Haluk Bilginer, Yasemin Kay Allen, and Ethan Kai. The series is based on English author Barbara Nadel’s book series, will be set in present-day Istanbul and consists of 8 episodes.

the turkish detective

Scripted by Ben Schiffer, The Turkish Detective is directed by Niels Arden Oplev. Haluk Bilginer portrays Inspector Çetin İkmen, while Ethan Kai and Yasemin Kay Allen play the Detectives Mehmet Süleyman and Ayşe Farsakoğlu. The series will premiere on TV+ starting from December 15th.

You can see the first trailer released from the series below.


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