‘Red Roses’ Series’ Trailer Has Been Revised

 ‘Red Roses’ Series’ Trailer Has Been Revised

FOX’s upcoming series, Red Roses (Kızıl Goncalar) is eagerly awaited. The first trailer of the series was released last Tuesday. However, the use of the term “Ahiler” in the trailer which will bring Özgü Namal back to the screen after years, received a lot of negative feedback. In response to the criticism, the production company, Gold Film, revised the trailer.

The mention of the sect’s name as “Ahiler” in the trailer of Kızıl Goncalar, starring Özgü Namal and Özcan Deniz, provoked strong criticism from the residents of Kırşehir. In response to the criticism, Gold Film issued a formal written apology.

kızıl goncalar

In their official statement, the production company extended apologies to the public and the residents of Kırşehir. Ahilik is a guild solidarity organization founded by Ahi Evran upon the advice of Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli. The updated trailer, now excluding the term “Ahiler,” has been released.

You can find the trailer down below.


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