New Series Coming from the Producer of ‘One Love’

 New Series Coming from the Producer of ‘One Love’

A new series is coming from Gold Film, the production company of One Love and Red Roses, which are among the most watched local series of the last period. According to Birsen Altuntaş, this new series, called Şapkacı Kadınlar, is going to be a big production and a period drama.

Şapkacı Kadınlar, Will Be Set During the Hat Revolution

Gold Film, which has left its mark in recent months with the series One Love and Red Roses, is now making a historical drama. Written by Necati Şahin and directed by Hülya Gezer, who has recently transferred to Gold Film, Şapkacı Kadınlar will tell the story of a local villager woman from Izmir who turns into a fashion icon with the Hat Revolution.

Gold Film is said to have allocated a large production budget for the series, which will be released in the autumn season, probably in September. The casting of the series still remains uncertain.

Necati Şahin, the scriptwriter of the series, and Hülya Gezer, the director, are known for their experience in period dramas.

Successful screenwriter Necati Şahin had previously worked as a screenwriter in the series Wounded Love and Atatürk 1881-1919. Şahin, who also worked on the series The Club, is also among the screenwriters of Red Roses.

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Hülya Gezer was the assistant director of Diriliş: Ertuğrul.


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