‘Ray Donovan’ Adaptation Starring Haluk Bilginer is Underway

 ‘Ray Donovan’ Adaptation Starring Haluk Bilginer is Underway

Orchestra Content has started preparations for Turkish adaptation of the acclaimed American crime drama series, Ray Donovan.

The series Ray Donovan, which has been broadcast in many countries around the world and has attracted great interest, is being adapted in Türkiye. The series, which aired on Showtime in the United States for seven seasons between 2013-2020, was nominated for numerous TV awards, including the Emmys.

Haluk Bilginer Will Portray Mickey in ‘Ray Donovan’

In the Turkish adaptation of the series, Haluk Bilginer will portray the character Mickey Donovan. Mickey, despite his success in cleverly solving the problems of the rich, famous, and prestigious, struggles to resolve his own issues, particularly with his family, including his son Ray. In the original series, Mickey Donovan, played by Jon Voight, is a key character in the story alongside his son Ray.

ray donovan haluk bilginer
Haluk Bilginer

Birol Tezcan adapted the script for the series acquired from Paramount Formats. A full announcement, including details on the complete cast, is expected soon.


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