New Event: MIP London Is Launching In 2025

 New Event: MIP London Is Launching In 2025

According to Deadline, the organizers of MIPTV will set up a new event in London in 2025. MIP London will run simultaneously with the successful London Screenings.

The news of MIPTV organizer RX France’s plans to relocate the event from the south of France to the UK has been a major topic of discussion within international television circles. While initial reports suggested the move was imminent, RX’s silence on the matter led to weeks of speculation. Now, it has been confirmed that MIPTV will indeed be leaving its traditional home at the Palais Des Festivals.

Lucy Smith, Director of the entertainment division at RX France, has been persuading both potential MIP London attendees and the companies associated with the London Screenings of the benefits of having a new event in the English capital.

RX has emphasized that the new MIP London will not be a simple replica of the previous format:

Instead, it will be a more streamlined event focused on facilitating meetings, networking, and content screening between international distributors and buyers. This boutique-style approach differs from the classic MIPTV setup with its numerous exhibitors and stands.

Similar to the LA Screenings, the London Screenings involve screenings of new shows for approximately 750 acquisition executives. In contrast, MIPTV traditionally functions more as a marketplace where distributors purchase space to showcase their content, while executives participate in pre-scheduled meetings.

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The pushback from some London Screenings distribs – there are 29 in all – came because they could not see what adding that MIPTV component could add to their event. According to Deadline’s understanding, it is worth noting that MIP London will reportedly offer free entry to accredited buyers.

RX’s apparent target audience appears to be international sales companies seeking a London presence during February. Distributors based outside the UK have shown greater receptiveness to the idea of establishing themselves in London alongside the Screenings, compared to their UK counterparts.

Finding a suitable venue for MIP London presented a logistical challenge for RX. Central location and proximity to established industry hubs were key considerations, limiting options for large, prestigious spaces. The event itself is scheduled to begin on Monday, February 24th, 2025, preceded by a welcome event on the prior Sunday.

The relocation of MIPTV undoubtedly deals a blow to Cannes, which has served as its home since the 1960s. However, RX France’s long-term commitment to the city remains intact, with MIPCOM continuing to anchor Cannes as the leading international television market.

Many, including Deadline, notes that this shift was undeniably necessary. Rising competition from events like Content London, The London Screenings, and Series Mania had contributed to declining attendance at MIPTV. RX France CEO Lucy Smith has decisively addressed these concerns, enacting the change that had been a topic of industry speculation and conversation for years.


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