Nilüfer character through the eyes of Birce Akalay who portrays her

 Nilüfer character through the eyes of Birce Akalay who portrays her

Birce Akalay, who played the main character of the series Light in the Dark, whose first episode attracted great attention, explained how she interpreted Nilüfer.

Kanal D’s new series Light in the Dark – Bir Derdim Var, produced by AyNA Yapım, met with the audience on Thursday evening, November 9th. While the series, which brought Birce Akalay and Mert Fırat starring in the lead roles, received great acclaim; it did not drop from the agenda of social media.
Birce Akalay, who returned to the screen after four years, talked about her excitement and feelings to Hakan Gence from Hürriyet Sunday supplement. The beautiful actress expressed the character of Dr. Nilüfer, whom she gave life in the series Light in the Dark, with the following words:

‘Nilüfer has learned to find solutions despite the traumas she suffered’

Nilüfer’s story, just like those children and young people, has passed through the same stops, tried the same paths, made mistakes and sometimes got blocked in dead-end streets. However, despite everything, she has learned to find solutions, she has recovered and she has used this characteristic, which can be seen as a fault by most people, to heal young people.
Nilüfer is a woman with delusional disorder due to the traumas she experienced at a young age. What is this delusional disorder? When she is under extreme stress and pressure, she sees and talks to a 15-year-old herself.
Only her best friend and counselor Yusuf knows about this neurotic condition. He once treated her and taught her how to live with it. The person who guided Nilüfer to this profession was her doctor and mentor Sami. But Sami passed away.
Nilüfer thinks that if she can get out of this dark hole and do this profession today thanks to Dr. Sami, so can all the children of the world. This utopian thought keeps her firmly attached to life.


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