The Smurfs Season Three is Coming

 The Smurfs Season Three is Coming

The Smurfs license holder and partners have announced that Season Three of the beloved series is in the making.

IMPS and LAFIG, licensors of the Smurfs announced that a third season of the global hit series is in production. The announcement highlighted the partnership with co-producers Peyo Productions, Ellipse Animation, KiKA, Ketnet, RTBF, and TF1.

In Canada, Télé-Québec and Wildbrain TV have also reportedly already signed for a third season.

In the new season, small blue characters pick up where they left off with new characters and elements added to the mix. New Smurfs girls and villains will join the original characters.

The Cartoons are 65 years old  

Additionally, The Smurfs also celebrated their 65th anniversary this month.

On the 23rd of October 1958, the cartoon have appeared for the first time in an adventure of Johan and Peewit – The Smurfs and the Magic Flute – published in the Belgian comics magazine Spirou.

From then and over the years, Peyo built an entire fantasy world, filled with blue cuteness, mushroom houses, good universal values, and a unique Smurfs’ language. Another key point, the mix of nature and magics really brought something new into children’s entertainment at the time. In addition to the long-lasting comic book and television success, the series has become a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon.

“I’m very happy to be able to continue my father’s work with yet another fantastic new season of the Smurfs TV Series and the upcoming release of a new toy line for kids to play and create their own stories”! said Véronique Culliford, president & founder of Peyo Productions and I.M.P.S (Distribution Company), and Peyo’s daughter.

Season three announcement at MIPCOM

The Party at MIPCOM in Cannes last week was both a 65th birthday celebration and a season 3 announcement.


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