INSIGHT TV Announces New FAST Channel, INTRAVEL

INSIGHT TV has announced its new FAST channel INTRAVEL with the slogan “Your Gateway to the World” starting in October. The company, which announced the channel with the claim that it reveals the power of destination storytelling, focuses on millennials.
INSIGHT TV is partnering with SYD Films, Jungle Creation, Steller, WTM, Travel Video Awards (TVAs) and Schiphol Media for INTRAVEL, which has been announced as an important milestone in the world of travel entertainment.

The latest FAST Channel from INSIGHT TV is a pulsating travel hub that converges award-winning TV shows, masterful storytellers, and visionary filmmakers, creating spectacles, journeys, and adventures all in one. 

Partnering with the crème de la crème, INTRAVEL has joined forces with Jungle Creations, the maestros of ‘destination food’ on their twisted channel being the biggest food channel in the UK, promising an explosion of flavors that’ll tantalize your taste buds and ignite your wanderlust.

The stellar constellation of collaborators doesn’t end there, with Steller, the vanguard of travel creation; WTM (World Tourism Market), the global nexus of travel; TVAs, the Oscars for the travel industry;  and Schiphol Media, the creative maestros connecting brands to the world at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Together, they form a coalition that promises to redefine the world of travel entertainment. Daily, more tourism boards, travel brands are signing up to be part of the channel as they keep repeating the same quote “It’s about time a channel like this happened”.

Natalie Boot, Global Vice President FAST & Content Distribution, INSIGHT TV, says:

We’re thrilled to be partnering with such well known consumer facing brands in the travel sector to launch the first of its kind Travel content hub. Together, we share a vision of revolutionizing travel content, centered around our latest FAST channel, INTRAVEL. Programmed with great original content, the focus is on authentic travel and lifestyle, offering viewers an unparalleled journey across the globe.

Stephen Friedmen, SYD Films, says:

“I’m super excited to partner with INSIGHT TV on this venture, we are approaching this very differently as this isn’t just a TV channel it’s so much more! Through this epic collaboration with INSIGHT TV, Jungle Creations,, and more, INTRAVEL is all set to unveil an unparalleled adventure across the globe, redefining the very essence of travel content and acting as an all in one hub for travel brands, tourism boards, and more. The foundation for this channel is good storytelling connecting all of us to this fascinating place we all call home. It’s a very exciting time and welcome to INTRAVEL.” 

A passport for tourism boards, INTRAVEL will support advertisers, sponsors, and collaborators across the digital, television, and social spheres, with a roster of influencer travel film makers, creators, and travel brands.

Visitors attending MIPCOM 2023, 17-20th October, can visit Insight TV’s stand, R8.C19 to learn more about Insight TV’s multi-channel and platform capabilities.


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