Insight TV to Bring 6 Exciting New Titles to MIPCOM 2023, Including FAST Originals

 Insight TV to Bring 6 Exciting New Titles to MIPCOM 2023, Including FAST Originals

Insight TV, the leading Millennial-focused global channel operator, and content producer, today reveals a compelling lineup of unscripted shows set to premiere at MIPCOM 2023. These diverse programs aim to engage Millennial and Gen-Z audiences with captivating storytelling, movie star talent, and fresh perspectives.

Insight TV’s 2023 lineup promises to deliver thought-provoking content, diverse cultural experiences, and engaging storytelling that resonates with audiences worldwide, taking on real current areas of curiosity such as Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), cryptocurrency, as well as popular programming genres in Automotive, lifestyle and travel. ​

Natalie Boot, Global Vice President FAST & Content Distribution, Insight TV:

“As a team, we’re dedicated to pushing boundaries and offering viewers a fresh perspective on storytelling. Our 2023 lineup is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. These shows not only entertain but also inspire audiences with their unique narratives and top talent, take Paradise Kitchen Bali being featured on Gogglebox in Australia for example. We’re excited to share this dynamic content with our viewers and partners.”

Recent FAST distribution deals with VIDAA, Philips, and Cineverse, increases Insight TV’s reach and audiences globally, on over 186 platforms across 56 Countries, while aso boasting a catalog of over 600 hours of premium UHD content available for multi-right and platform licensing. Insight TV will be at MIPCOM 2023, on stand R8.C19.

F-AI-King It!

Would you be able to distinguish which painting, poem, or song was built by AI?


Artificial intelligence (AI) is making rapid strides in various fields, and creatives around the world are feeling the pressure. Will painters, writers, and professional talkers be suddenly competing with AI? Or is there something truly unique to human creativity that cannot be emulated? To find out, we’re challenging professionals in vavious fields to compete with AI. We’ll spend time with the humans to see their creative process and to hear their opinions on this ever-evolving digital landscape, before they step up to the plate and take on an A.I. powered puppet which our host has armed with digitally created material. At the end of it, will our unsuspecting audience be able to tell what was created by a fellow human? Or will A.I. win the day and fool the crowd? 

The Next Crypto Gem

The World’s First Cryptocurrency Gameshow, The Next Crytpo Gem brings the fast-paced and mysterious world of cryptocurrency to a big television audience for the first time. Crypto fans and those who are getting their first peek into this futuristic world will be entertained and enlightened. Using a competitive reality show format evocative of “Shark Tank” and “The Apprentice,” this series takes audiences on a fast-paced ride into crypto currencies and fin-tech, featuring celebrities and a panel of experts who will mentor and score our teams on their ability to engage and execute. It is instinct and it is business, but not for MBA grads.

Journey to Speed

Race to Glory: Daniel Wu’s Journey to becoming a professional race car driver! 


Follow Hollywood and Asian actor, Daniel Wu in JOURNEY TO SPEED, as he fulfils his lifelong dream of becoming a professional race car driver in the US. Joining the Tazio Ottis Racing team, Daniel aims for victory in the 2021 NASA Endurance Championship, facing a grueling six-race championship climaxing in the torturous 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance event. Through unwavering determination, Daniel’s journey becomes a testament to self-discovery and the pursuit of one’s true calling, inspiring viewers to embrace their aspirations with unbridled determination. This adrenaline-fueled adventure blurs the lines between Hollywood glamour and the unforgiving world of professional racing.

Paradise Kitchen Bali

As featured on Gogglebox Australia, Paradise Kitchen Bali is bursting with flavour.

Follow Chef and Kynd Community Co-Founder Lauren Camilleri on her journey to make a difference. Filmed in the stunning backdrop of Bali, PARADISE KITCHEN BALI is more than a cooking show, it’s a window into a unique world of conscious cooking. In each episode, Lauren dishes up amazing meals that are all inspired by being kind. It’s plant based, ethical and guaranteed to inspire and leave viewers itching to travel to the Island of the Gods. Lauren is not only your chef, but your guide to the rich culture of Bali and its people, making each episode a bright and evocative stand-alone experience. 

Journey Within

Celebrity star Marilia Moreno embarks on a wellness-focused travel series.

Our host Marilia Moreno travels the world embarking on a journey of inner health and wellness. Journey Within is a travel show with purpose and Marilia’s journey is a quest for deeper understanding of the places she visits and the secrets to better living that they keep. ​ Marilia meets intriguing characters along the way who have all walked away from the 9 to 5 life to pursue happiness and to also weave a little bit of it into their communities at home too. 

Streetball With Kenny Dobbs

Streetball legend Kenny Dobbs leads a journey through the world of street basketball.


Streetball With Kenny Dobbs is on an entertaining, inspirational, and insightful journey into the world of street basketball, all ending in a showpiece game where Kenny Dobb’s team of streetball legends (featuring White Iverson, Slim Reaper, Leaky Roof, Doug Anderson and Jay Moore) take on fierce rivals in New York City. Before the showdown game, Kenny is preparing his team by taking them on a tour of the USA and challenging them against local talent in nine different cities. Along the way, he’ll explore the local streetball culture to learn what gives each city its competitive edge and discover the heroes who’ve used streetball to help elevate their local communities.


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