Scorsese said he can’t talk about Tarantino’s retirement

 Scorsese said he can’t talk about Tarantino’s retirement

In a recent interview with the Associated Press to promote Killers of the Flower Moon, Martin Scorsese emphasized that Quentin Tarantino is a “writer”. When Scorsese was asked about Tarantino’s retirement from feature filmmaking, he said he could not answer that because he is a writer. Tarantino has long said that he plans to retire after his 10th film because he wants to leave behind a strong and tightly curated filmography. Tarantino is currently developing his 10th feature film, “The Movie Critic”, which he plans to be his last.
“I just don’t know,” Scorsese said when the topic of Tarantino’s retirement got brought up. When the AP reporter asked Scorsese if he’s just built differently than Tarantino, Scorsese answered, “I am.”

Being a writer is something different

“He’s a writer,” he explained. “It’s a different thing. I come up with stories. I get attracted to stories through other people. All different means, different ways. And so I think it’s a different process…I respect writers and I wish I could. I wish I could just be in a room and create these novels, not films, novels.”

“I’m curious about everything still,” Scorsese added. “That’s one of the things. If I’m curious about something I think I’ll find a way. If I hold out and hold up, I’ll find a way to try to make something of it on film, but I have to be curious about the subject. My curiosity is still there. I couldn’t speak for Quentin Tarantino or others who are able to create this work in their world.” If Tarantino really does retire after “The Movie Critic,” he’ll only be in his 60s at the time of leaving filmmaking behind. Scorsese, meanwhile, is 80 years old and just released “Killers of the Flower Moon” to critical acclaim.


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